How You-Dedicated uses Gridle to build IT products.

You Dedicated is a premiere IT services company and has built & delivered on 500+ projects with 210+ customer from 18+ countries.

60 Team members

Developers, Biz Devs and even office boys use Gridle.

4 Integrations

Dropbox, Zendesk, Github and Google Calendar. You name it.

89 Projects and counting

They have used Gridle with about 59 customers on 89 projects.

21st Oct 2014

@Mitesh schedules a Demo.

Mitesh came to know about Gridle from one of You Dedicated’s customers. They wanted to use Gridle for a project. He requested our team demo.

A team demo was scheduled after understanding their needs as an IT services firm. Post the demo, the company signed up for the premium trial to better evaluate the value Gridle would provide.

24th Oct 2014

These were Tech guys

They knew their way around. Our simple interface was only a bonus for them. No onboarding needed!

Gridle LogoIntegration Tools

Tool overload!

Previously they used Basecamp to manage projects, Skype for video calling, Dropbox to share files and Whatsapp to stay in touch on the go! Plus Github and Zendesk to manage code base and customer support/bugs. Gridle replaced about half of them and integrated with the rest.

Job clarity. Much Awesome!

One of the major issues the company was struggling with was job clarity. Since they used multiple channels to work together, their work was more about knowing what to do rather than actually doing it. Gridle-desk became that once place which told them everything they needed to work on.

3rd Feb 2015

Integrated Github and Zendesk.

"Our integrations quietly worked in the background and gave them the required assets and events exactly when they needed them. Contextual collaboration at it’s best."

Managed their bugs like a boss.

Mitesh, (Founder)
You Dedicated

It’s like Gridle is our project manager. Since we are in services, we have a lot of repeat clients. And they are a lot happier. We went from 33% repeat clients to 80% in 6 months.
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Remote working actually worked

Significantly reducing their costs and increasing quality deliverables

Clients happiness = Entirety

With Guest accounts, they were able to share required information with remote clients as well as employees, freelancers and subject experts as need may be. Customers were happier than before resulting into an increase in repeat business from 33% to a staggering 80%.

Bottleneck identification

It’s not just task or project management. It’s also the little things. While it’s important to complete a task, it’s also important for the project manager to know the status of the task. With Gridle, it was a grand total of one click away. This meant informed decisions and faster executions.

Gridle Logo

No. of tools = 1, Productivity =

Every functionality and feature that Gridle has or will build is not the end of our efforts. Gridle’s true strength lies in enabling you to leverage those features and deliver on your promises. That’s all we care about.

As it turns out when You dedicated had just 1 place to work, their teams and employees ended up increasing their productivity. Not by working more but by wasting less time.

Get up and running in no time

You-dedicated is a classic example of how a growing IT services firm used Gridle to manage customers and built world class products they set out to deliver.