How the team at wWhere manages recruitments with Gridle

wWhere is a startup that is revolutionizing the way we exchange addresses with each other. This leapfrog technology needs an awesome team and Gridle helps them build just that. More effectively.

15 Team Members

The whole recruitment team uses Gridle to hire without hassle.

740 candidates vetted

Effectively. Another cool part is that they have archived candidates as well.

In 30 days

On peak days, they would interview as many as 25 people with Gridle.

28th Nov 2014

@Ritam created a workspace.

Ritam was in audience when we recieved the award for being one of the most innovative tech companies. He logged on there and then from his phone.

We never even demo-ed the product or spoke to his team until recently when we wanted to do the case-study. His team signed up, invited other people, joined our premium trial and became our customer without our intervention.

3rd Dec 2014

Their time was important

For a startup like wWhere which was in growth stage, time was a very valuable resource but at the same time, they did not want to miss out on talent.

They used email

Previously, they would spend hours every week finding attachments in mails sent to them months earlier on their contact emails. They would scout their sent items and follow up with team-mates on interview schedules and with candidates in case they hadn’t responded.

Interviews got better

Previously, they had to exchange hiring manager’s personal Skype IDs or ask candidates to download Webex. With Gridle integration with Appear, they did not have to do that. Just a link would suffice. No downloads or sign ups. Accessible from any internet enabled device.

28th Jan 2015

Integrated Drive and Appear

Our integrations quietly worked in the background and gave them the required assets and events exactly when they needed them. Contextual collaboration at it’s best.

Vetting was easier and effective

Ritam, (Founder)

"When you can have CVs, schedule multiple interviews and actually carry out interviews in one place, it cuts your recruitment efforts in half (Or more)."
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Making way for better hiring

Significantly reducing their time and increasing quality interactions.

Gridle was a breeze

For one, Gridle was easy and had applicant stage tracking. This way, all hiring manager would know statuses on candidates and whether they were in screening or interview 1 or 2 or quarantine or archived. And for two, they never lost on qualitative analysis of candidates.

And affordable too

Our flexible, clear and transparent pricing also played a major role in Ritam’s decision to go with us. “I like the honest billing aspect of your pricing the best.” Ritam says referring to our policy where we promise not to charge inactive licenses even though they have been bought.

Gridle Logo

No. of tools = 1, Productivity =

Every functionality and feature that Gridle has or will build is not the end of our efforts. Gridle’s true strength lies in enabling you to leverage those features and deliver on your promises. That’s all we care about.

As it turns out when wWhere had just 1 place to work, their teams and employees ended up increasing their productivity. Not by working more but by wasting less time.

Get up and running in no time

wWhere is a classic example of how a hyper-growth startup used Gridle to manage recruitments and built a world class team that is absolutely instrumental for their future.