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It’s what we do together that sets us apart!

We are looking for people who like building great experiences through design, tech or whatever it is that you do. #RIP9to5


Mobile app Developer

Developed a couple of Android or iOS apps before? Want to build something for a larger audience that will use your work on a day to day basis? If you understand the importance of a tap and seek blissfully simple ways to delight users, you made it. Also, a background in a product company is a huge plus. On a related note, more people have access to phones than running water. Sums up how important this is to us!


Lead Developer

Jack of all trades, this one is required to code, manage the tech team, work closely with the founders and set the product’s vision in motion. Apart from skills, knowledge and 2 Yrs+ experience, we are looking for you if you have the passion to build something meaningful. Needs to know PHP like the back of his/her hand. Nerd traits are a plus.


Sys Engineer

The one that makes all things possible. Knows that running a software is not magic but talent and sweat of hard-working coders pulling all-nighters so it works all the time the way it should and at a better-than-expected speed. Taking care of the back-end architecture, product security and management of resources are some of the things expected of you.


UI/UX Designer

It’s almost rude to build something and not build it beautiful. Look at our Manifesto! Design is at the core of Gridle. We are minimal. If your ambition is to say in ten sentences what others say in a book or if you measure length in pixels or if you say #333 instead of gray or if you prefer to doodle your idea instead of writing notes, join the bandwagon. We’ve been looking for you.


Front End Engineer

Bridges are one of the most important things for a city. Same is true for software teams. Bridging the pixel perfect carve of the interface design with robust back-end code is one of the core responsibilities for this job along with developing an understanding of user requirements and rapidly building prototypes. If your first language is CSS, give us a chance to work with you. Wont disappoint. Promise.



Explore your interests and passion. We are always looking to work with smart people. Content writing, doodling, marketing, sales or tech; we have all the roles open for summer, winter, monsoon, spring or fall; at all times.

Let's build epic stuff together..

Be a part of a fast paced customer oriented lean team that works together to build meaningful things. If you are a big thinker with a small ego, we are looking for you.