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Achieve Kick-Ass Productivity!

Gridle fixes the complicated jumble of apps, excel sheets, emails & chat-clients by bringing every part of team communication in one place.

Trusted by thousands of teams and companies, Gridle is everything you need to work together, individually, in teams, around projects and on the go. So, stop unproductive meetings & irritating internal emails. Stop needless chit-chat.  Stop working like it’s the 90s.

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How Gridle Works

Gridle works the way you do.

With Gridle, you and your teams can communicate through video conferencing, chat, files or tasks within your organization. Everything is built in. Simple. Beautiful.

Delegate, track, communicate, visualize and comprehend everything without moving, counting or asking around. This means, your work is about getting things done!

Gridle is powerful. Don’t believe?

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Whether you are growing off-the-charts or are a small local business; Gridle is what you have been looking for. One place with all your work. Gridle is convenience. Gridle is peace of mind.

Also, it lets you do more with less

Gridle houses everything that enables you to power through your day at work. And deliver.

We call it Desk.

Because it is like your colleagues are sitting with you around your desk. All. At once. The desk allows you to know statuses, stages, agendas, meetings and priorities in a beautifully designed intuitive interface so you can perform actionable items that produce results. Get your team, visualized.


We call it desk

Custom workflows and templates.

There is nothing more important than clarity on who is supposed to work on what and by when. We hate bottlenecks too. Custom work flows for projects allow you to work the way you do and accomplish more. From managing deals to solving bugs; from agile projects to design workflows; Gridle sets it up in a few clicks.


Custom workflows and templates
Status change image

Oh and also, Statuses!

Writing status emails? And then losing them in your inbox? While it is important to complete the task ASAP, it’s as important for the person in charge to know the status. With Gridle, that’s a grand total of one click away.

Plus, works for other people too

Why use different tools to work together when you can have everything you need under one roof, in a secure and stable environment, on web and on the go.


Design Projects

Get your point across with comments, manage all your assets in one place and make sure right people are involved at right stages. Gridle integrates with Dropbox and others, so no matter where your clients are, they are here.

See how great design Companies are using Gridle


HR & Recruitment

Manage the stages of candidates, schedule interviews and have discussions. Never miss a candidate. When in need, Gridle becomes your own secure applicant tracking system. Hire without hassle.

See how the best HR Execs are using Gridle


Agile Development

Make sure you are on top of customer relationships. While you can manage milestones, tasks and share updates through guest accounts, Gridle also integrates with Git hub and Zendesk. We never miss on your convenience.

See how amazing product managers are using Gridle


Deal Flow

We all love excel. But using it for managing deal flow is stretching it a bit. Manage your sales, partnership or investment pipeline. Do demos and interviews with appear from right within Gridle. Awesome, aint it?

See how sales teams perform better using Gridle

And, Gridle talks with your apps

Gridle LogoIntegration Tools

It’s like magic!

Making Gridle better is literally in your hands. Integrate applications and services you already use to get notifications right within Gridle. More power to you.

So, stop working like it’s the 90s


Manage all of your work in one place. Leave behind the inefficient patch work of apps and excel sheets and emails and chat clients. Sign up for free, today.