Gridle offers effortless real-time collaboration for your teams & enterprises.

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We've saved over 2 1 6 8 2 3 man-hours for entrepreneurs, developers, designers, consultants & executives out of emails, calendars & reminders through
our unified collaborative approach at Gridle .

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Flourish.. With collaboration 2.0..

Imagine all your people, tasks, files, messages and projects in one place, easily searchable and instantly accessible from anywhere and under scrutiny of advanced security. That is Gridle for you.

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gridle features

Get work done.. In cruise-control..

With file-sharing, IMs, Task management, notifications, project board and integrations with skype and dropbox you are always on top of things. Our unique Data-Visualization is the key!

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quivocal technologies pvt ltd's review about gridle

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Everyone uses Gridle . Starting from software companies to event-management ; from design to consultancy companies use Gridle to work together and move further, faster.

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   What glued me to gridle was not just functionalities but what it did with them. The visual way of working, made sure that I could do my management faster. I could see our productivity increasing.   

- Chiranjay Shah